Pextenement Cheeses
Cheesemaking Knowledge
accumulated slowly over the centuries.

Initially, only one or two types were made in a particular area.  The character dependant on the local conditions (eg. bacteria present, climate, type of animal, and storage conditions).


Like bread dough or fermenting wine, cheese is a living thing - The bacteria that feed on the cheese produce enzymes that develop flavour, texture and aroma over time.

Pextenement Cheeses...
made in Todmorden using certified organic milk.

Supplied solely by Pextenement Farm, the milk is in the cheese vat within minutes of being milked. The Pextenement Farm herd is unique, comprising a number of different breeds of cows, creating a unique blend of milk.  Combine the milk with the local climate and the Todmorden cheeses are born......



Postage Costs are based on Royal Mail

1st Class as follows:


£3.50 - up to £15.99 (1kg)

£5.75 - up to £31.99 (2kg)

£15.85 - over £32.00 (over 2kg)


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Cheese Selection Boxes for Christmas 2018


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